How does storage square with passion?

Nuwik ChAir –

a great little idea

Nuwik ChAir represents the result of three and a half years of meticulous research and development down to the smallest detail. However, ultimately, Nuwik boils down to one great little idea:

„A flexible interior design is the core prerequisite for better urban living and alongside a markedly better quality of life in our cities.“ (Michal Dinga, inventor and chief designer of Nuwik ChAir)

Just a holder?

German technical ingenuity in its purest form: Nuwik ChAir combines technical esthetics and functional perfection into a complete whole that works like a perfectly tuned orchestra on a small scale. Nuwik is a silent revolution. Nuwik stands for brilliance and sustainability.

Esthetics meet sustainability Made in Germany

All of the Nuwik ChAir’s components are entirely made in Germany. The materials used – pure aluminum combined with wooden tubes of quality timber – are recyclable and conserve our natural resources. The safely held, easily rolling wooden tubes are made of high quality veneer. The smooth and stepless locking mechanism is soft and easy both on cutting edge designer chairs and your favorite antique pieces.

Out of love for detail

  • 100% aluminum holder
  • Frame/locking mechanism: wooden tubes, hollow, safely held to roll out
  • Adjustment: stepless via a screw that is turnable with an Allen wrench (included in the delivery)
  • On-the-wall installation: with three screws painted in the color of the holder
  • Maximum load: approx. 10 kg (depending on the quality of the masonry and proper reinforcement for crumbling walls)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) = 120x70x155 mm
  • Weight per Nuwik ChAir-Set (2 units) including screws: 1100 g