Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Nuwik works with almost any four-legged chairs (see quick check). The locking mechanism is freely adjustable with a screw. For turning the screw, an Allen wrench is included in the delivery.

The installation is very easy (see assembly instructions). All the mounting materials you need are included with the Nuwik ChAir delivery.

The purchase price of 94.00 euros includes: a Nuwik ChAir-Set consisting of two Nuwik chair holders, six wall-mounted screws, six screw anchors and two Allen wrenches to freely adjust the locking mechanism.

Each Nuwik ChAir-Set supports a load up to approx. 10 kilograms (depending on the quality of masonry and proper reinforcement for crumbling walls, such as in older buildings).

In general, Nuwik ChAir works with any wall. The type of fastening, in particular the screws used, depends on the structural composition of the wall. The screws included are generally suitable for mounting on wooden, concrete, or solid brick walls. However, the suitability depends on the wall properties in each particular case. Please use other screws and screw anchors if those included do not match the structural properties of your wall. Please observe the safety guidelines in our General Terms and Conditions.

You can pay via PayPal or with any major credit card, or per wire transfer (see Payment Options).

You can test Nuwik ChAir for 30 days from the order receipt and you get your money back if Nuwik ChAir does not meet your expectations.

No, you do not have to state any reasons. Should you conclude that Nuwik ChAir does not meet your expectations, you will get a full 100% refund of your purchase price within 5 business days from our receipt of the goods. Simply send Nuwik ChAir back to:

Nuwik GmbH
Simmerleinplatz 8
80992 München